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Step 1) Activator Plus Blonder (120ML+60ML Powder)

Step 2) IR Double Action (100ML)

Step 3) 10 X Collagen Cleanser (100ML)

Step 4) Deep Exfoliating Scrub (100ML)

Step 5)  Massage Cream (100ML)

Step 6) Hydrating Mineral Mask (100ML)

Step 7) IR SkinCare Serum (10ML)

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Key Features


What are primary ingredients in our  C Serum

There are 4 primary ingredients in our vitamin c serum which when
combined show very effective results for skin repairing, skin
brightening and younger looking skin.

Strawberry Extract

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Hyaluronic Acid


Features of Serum

Serum acts as a natural antioxidant, protecting your skin from UV rays and becoming a shield for your Skin. In short, it’s a nutrient that your skin loves due to its numerous benefits. This everyday face wash will make skin look bright, fresh & rejuvenated.


Facial great when we talk about anti-aging , hydration , fading acne marks and promoting new cell growth. This Facial is ideal for those who suffer with dryness after washing their face.

Yes ! Oily skin can also use this face wash as it is not overly greasy.

Cleanse your face thoroughly with IR’s Vitamin E face wash in the morning and at night time to keep your skin healthy and clean. We recommend applying a moisturiser on damp face right after washing your face.

You can use IR Facial along with niacinamide jelly to get good glowy skin.

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